February: National Love Month

3 Valentine’s Day Ideas to Show Your Love

1. Write a letter to your Valentine that shares beautiful memories, appreciation, and things you appreciate and love about them.

2. Take your Valentine on a trip down memory lane, dig up old pictures, reminisce over old stories and share in the joy of your bond.

3. Surprise your Valentine by spending quality time together doing their favorite hobby.

The month of February is, traditionally, associated with romantic places, gifts, and expressions of love, that focus on romantic relationships. The reach of love is more extensive than romance. It can be expressed by any person, regardless of age or ability. It is demonstrated in all types of relationships. As part of the Month of Love, we want to recognize all the acts of love shared among family members, family caregivers, professional caregivers and care recipients.

Family members and friends that care for a loved one place the well-being and care of another person high on their priority list. These caring actions are a symbol of their love, an expression that goes beyond the romantic characteristics associated with Valentine’s Day.

Our SYNERGY HomeCare caregivers accomplish so much more than a list of tasks. They go above and beyond to provide compassion and loving care for our clients and their family. Our caregivers become an extension of the family, and in many cases, they become dear friends with their clients.  From everyone at SYNERGY HomeCare thank you for choosing us. We appreciate all of you and we hope that every day spent with SYNERGY HomeCare feels like Valentine’s Day.



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