Five Valentine's Activities for the Whole Family

When Valentine’s day comes around, we think about young couples getting engaged and married couples celebrating the time they’ve spent together. But Valentine’s Day isn’t just a couple’s holiday. Valentine’s Day can be an excellent occasion for the family to spend time with older relatives and create fun and happy memories.

Here are a couple of ways to make Valentine’s Day memories with someone you love:

1. Make It A Party – Change up the environment with some color and pizazz! Turn on some light jazz music and make some cookies. There are great Do-It-Yourself ideas for decorations and games on Pinterest that can lighten the mood and create a whole lot of smiles. Many seniors will enjoy creating fun decorations with you if you provide the right material and teach them how to make them.

2. Include The Group – Call family and friends and invite them to participate. It doesn’t have to be loud and chaotic. A fun Valentine’s event could be a small dinner or coffee on the patio. The point is to create an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone involved. Try some heart shaped brunch foods with fruit for a fun morning event or heart-shaped sandwiches for a late lunch!

3. Don’t Forget The Gifts – Presents are fun for everyone. Oversized teddy bears and a box of chocolates are always a good choice. Keep in mind the needs of the senior population and be mindful of sugar foods that may not be good for them. If a treat isn’t the way to go, try buying a pretty bouquet of flowers that they can enjoy, take them for a ride, treat them to a movie in the theater or at home.

4. Play Some Fun Games – Keep in mind the fun things that kids like to do at school parties. Putting puzzles together, playing bingo, coloring Valentine-themed pictures – these are all fun activities that seniors will enjoy as well. Movies are always a good idea too! Find a couple of romantic comedies or ask your loved ones what some of their favorite romantic movies are. Find a film that was popular when they were younger and enjoy it together.

5. Get Up And Dance – Recreate a high-school dance with soft music and fun lighting! Get a bouquet of balloons and a punch bowl and let everyone socialize and enjoy the night. Some seniors may not be able to get up and shake it, but they will enjoy the ambiance and the time that they get to spend doing something different than their day-to-day activities. If you are caring for a senior, don’t underestimate how much they may enjoy watching other family members, friends and neighbors dance. They may even enjoy learning a few new moves themselves.

You don’t have to go out of your way to make Valentine’s an overwhelming and costly event. There are a lot of different things you can do to put together fun activities for you, your friends and family, and the seniors in your life. Remember it is about the memories and spending time with people you love. A little planning helps alleviate the loneliness and sadness that many seniors feel when Valentine’s Day comes around each year. Have fun and make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.



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