Great Gift Ideas For Seniors Who Need Care


Great Gift Ideas For Seniors Who Need Care

Finding the perfect gift on Mother’s Day can be tough for anyone, but trying to find a unique gift for a parent who is homebound or seriously restricted due to illness can pose a challenge. We oftentimes want to give gifts that are meaningful or fun, but depending on the mental state of a loved one, these types of gifts may cause safety risks or could easily get lost. So, what kind of gifts are best to give a loved one who needs extra care and attention? Let’s first talk about how to choose a gift.



How To Choose The Right Type Of Gift

Great gift ideas for a parent or grandparent living with mental or physical impairments will incorporate the different needs of your loved one. Keep these thoughts in mind when searching for a Mother’s Day gift:

    • Small gifts can easily get lost. Expensive jewelry or small trinkets are not the best types of gifts.
    • Some items may not be suitable because your loved one just won’t be able to enjoy them they way they were intended or the way they would like if their health conditions were better.
    • Some gifts could be considered hazardous for your loved one. Be sure that the gift you give meets safety needs.


Best Gift Ideas

With those thoughts in mind, let’s explore some fun, sentimental, and awesome ideas for Mother’s Day gifts that are thoughtful and safe!

    1. Time – Don’t underestimate the value of time. We are all limited on the number of hours we have in a day and your time means the most to your loved one. Schedule a day to spend with them or even a meal that you can enjoy together.
    2. Memory Books – An excellent gift for any relative struggling with memory loss is a memory book. Old photos from the past that will be familiar to your loved one is a very thoughtful idea that will be appreciated.
    3. Homemade Treats – If you pick the right kind of treats, this can be a great gift. Many people with dementia struggle with eating habits, but a gift of their favorite homemade snack might be meaningful!
    4. Big Buttons – Whether the gift is a telephone or remote control, this gift is beneficial for seniors. The buttons are big enough for them to hit and not accidentally hit other buttons in the process.
    5. Living Aids – Walkers and other aids that help prevent falls are a good idea, especially if your loved one doesn’t have one, or has a run-down old one that causes trouble. Give the gift of support so that they can move around easier.
    6. Sheets and Blankets – This is a great gift! Afghans and quilts are favorite presents for seniors and can be a sentimental, sweet keepsake.



Don’t forget that your loved one loves you and any gift you get for them is a fantastic idea if thought was put into it. Also, reach out to others who have routine contact with your loved one for more personalized ideas.



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