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SYNERGY HomeCare is proud to coordinate care with healthcare professionals and family caregivers. Below is information for health professionals, social workers, geriatric care managers and trustees. Please contact your local SYNERGY HomeCare office with any questions you may have.

Health Professionals

When your patients leave your facility or office, you want reassurance that their well-being will be protected when they return home. With SYNERGY HomeCare, your patients can get the help they need, whether it is fall prevention, medication reminders, assistance with activities of daily living, or transportation to their next appointment. Non-medical home care can be the help your patients and clients need to recover, to live independently, and to promote a higher quality of life.

Social Workers

You take pride in making sure that your patients and their families are mentally and emotionally capable of handling care after a stay in your facility. Sometimes, these patients and their families would feel better about returning home if they had a little bit of extra help. Home care can be a source of comfort to these patients and a source of respite to their families. Guard the well-being of your patients and promote a better life at home with SYNERGY HomeCare.

Geriatric Care Managers

As your patients experience the effects of aging, they may not need medical care, but would benefit greatly from in-home assistance with activities of daily living. Non-medical home care is a wonderful solution for seniors who live alone or have Alzheimer's, trouble with mobility, arthritis or even Parkinson's disease. SYNERGY HomeCare can help your patients continue to live independently and more fully enjoy their senior years.


Your loved one should have the most compassionate and attentive care possible. Even as they battle Alzheimer's disease, dementia, cancer or other debilitating conditions, they should be treated with the respect they deserve. Protect your loved one's diginity and promote your own peace of mind with non-medical in-home care from SYNERGY HomeCare.

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