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Working with Healthcare Providers

Working with Healthcare Providers.

Are you worried that your aging parent’s health has taken an unexpected turn for the worse?

Have you ever asked your aging mother or father about doctor’s orders, and noticed they had a hard time even remembering?

If you answered yes to one or both questions, it’s possible the health challenges your loved one is facing are becoming larger and more complex than they can comfortably manage alone. Recent studies show that both seniors and doctors benefit from having a companion along at doctor’s visits, an important service that we provide to ensure a healthy outcome and improved quality of life for elders.

We can work with your Healthcare Providers

Doctor’s appointments are often brief and abrupt, leaving your loved one little time to communicate their symptoms, ask questions and comprehend a diagnosis. As part of our care management services, we work with your loved one’s healthcare providers.

Our care team members can assist with:

    • Attending doctors appointments and taking notes for you and your loved one
    • Reminding your family member to ask questions or express concerns
    • Providing information your senior parent has forgotten, or clarifying information for the doctor
    • Acting as a “translator” who explains what the doctor and patient are saying to each other
    • Helping your elder to make the necessary follow-up diagnostic tests and appointments with doctors and therapists
    • Offering friendly reminders to take medication as prescribed or follow other doctor’s orders

The benefits of this home health service are immense, especially when you consider poor medication management is the No. 1 reason for leaving an independent living situation and going into supervised care.

We recognize that your aging parent’s health needs evolve over time. By constantly reevaluating their needs, we maximize their health, freedom and overall quality of life. Our experience, compassion and attentive service establish us as a reliable and invaluable partner to our clients and family members.

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