Free Topic Hotline

Free Topic Hotline.

SYNERGY HomeCare helps seniors and their families every day. We are always answering questions and educating the community on how home care and specific program will allow them to live independently and stay at home.

SYNERGY HomeCare has created free recorded messages addressing the most frequently asked questions about home care.

Dial our toll free hot line (877) 227-0277 and enter on of the extensions below to learn more about a topic of choice.

Topic Extension
Complimentary Medical Alarm Services  100
Courtesy Care Telephone Check-In Service  115
Continuous Care  120
Hospital Companions  125
Caring for Families  130
Caring for New Moms 135
Alzheimer's and Memory Care  140
Stroke Rehabilitation  145
Orthopedic Recovery  150
Surgery Recovery 155
Cancer Recovery  160
Parkinson's Disease 165
Holiday Services 170
What do I need to look for in a home care company? 200
What is non-medical home care? 210
What is the cost of non-medical home care? 215
Does home care help Veterans or the spouse of a Veteran?  220
Does medical insurance pay for home care? 225
What is the difference between home health care and home care? 230
Does Medicare pay for non-medical home care?  235
Does home care help me in a retirement community? 240
Does home care help family caregivers?  245
Does home care assist with transportation?  250 

For more senior care information, please contact your local SYNERGY HomeCare office or call (877) 230-4851.