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Resources for Recovery Assistance

Resources for Recovery Assistance.

Whether due to an illness, injury or surgery, a hospital stay can take a serious toll on older adults' health. Following a hospital discharge, seniors are especially prone to falls and relapses. It's easy for them to re-injure themselves by lifting or making a sudden movement. Often feeling too weak to fix their own meals, they may not eat well enough for a full recovery.

Resources for Recovery Assistance

Here are some helpful resources to ensure your loved one's full recovery at home:

    • Nutrition Resources: Special dietary needs for diabetes, hypertension or heart disease can be managed through strict shopping guidelines and proper food preparation. Proper nutrition will help in the recovery process. Your caregiver will prepare food to your exact nutritional needs to help fuel your recovery.
    • Logistical Resources: Recovery often requires follow-up visits to doctors and specialists. SYNERGY HomeCare can help schedule, coordinate and provide transportation to follow up medical and therapy appointments. With your permission, your caregiver can attend doctor visits and take notes so that instructions make it home and get followed.
    • Medication Resources: Often, recovery from an illness or surgery requires medication. SYNERGY HomeCare can help with medication reminders, so medicine is taken on time as directed. Of course, your caregiver can drop off and pick up prescriptions at your local pharmacy as needed.


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