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Arthritis Solutions

Arthritis Solutions.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, millions of American adults are affected by inflammation of their joints. In fact, more people are disabled by arthritis than any other cause.¹ Osteoarthritis generally comes from ordinary wear and tear on one or more joints, while rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder.

The National Health Interview Survey estimated in 2009 that as of 2030, more than 67 million adults will be diagnosed with arthritis. It affects more women than men regardless of age, although age is a contributing factor.²

Coping With Arthritis

Gradually increasing joint pain and stiffness are the most frequent symptoms of arthritis, and they often make simple aspects of everyday life into a struggle. Whenever ordinary activities like eating, grooming and housekeeping are hampered by stiffness and pain, the result can be long-term problems in areas such as nutrition, personal hygiene and general safety. The assistance of a skilled caregiver can help people with arthritis maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Coping With Arthritis | SYNERGY HomeCare can Help

How Home Care Can Help

SYNERGY HomeCare’s skilled, screened and compassionate caregivers provide help at home with activities made more challenging by arthritis. Assistance with meal preparation ensures that stiffness and pain does not lead to skipped meals, malnutrition and reduced energy. Light housekeeping support helps maintain a clean, safe and comfortable home environment. Sometimes even a little assistance with grooming can make a big difference in self-esteem and quality of life.

Customized Care Plans

Depending on your specific needs, care might range from light housekeeping and meal preparation to restroom assistance and round-the-clock safety. Your customized care plan can include:

    • Light housekeeping and running errands
    • Changing linens, laundry & ironing
    • Transfer to/from bed, wheelchair, etc
    • Help with bathing, dressing, and grooming
    • Scheduling appointments and social activities
    • Light exercise, light gardening, and transportation
    • Nutritious meal planning, preparation, and cleanup
    • Assistance with mealtime feeding and restroom use
    • Safety and medication reminders
    • Standby assistance with morning & evening routines
    • Friendly conversation, emotional support
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Help for Family Caregivers

The Arthritis Foundation reports that at least seven million Americans are long-distance caregivers who recognize that, while circumstances prevent them from living close to a family member who needs assistance, they still want to ensure their loved one’s well-being.

It’s a good idea to record contact information for this person’s friends and neighbors, doctors and pharmacists, clergy and anyone else in regular contact who can offer support if needed. Knowing that you can call an objective observer to make sure they’re doing well can be comforting when living nearby isn’t practical.

Of course, a personal visit allows the best opportunity to assess home safety and capability while also enjoying each other’s company. Meanwhile, it helps to know there are experts like those from SYNERGY on hand to take care of everyday needs. Find out how SYNERGY HomeCare can assist your family -- request a free in-home assessment today.

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Simple home improvements like handrails or ramps:

Tips on coping with arthritis from day to day:

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