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Cancer Care Solutions

Cancer Care Solutions.

Like no other word, “cancer” forces us to halt and take stock of our lives. Going through the many steps and stages in diagnosis, treatment, recovery or relapse are intense and can change everything you knew to be true. You do not have to face this alone. At SYNERGY HomeCare, we truly know the ins and outs of what you and your family are facing. Our SYNERGY HomeCare team is dedicated to providing you the care you need most.

Why SYNERGY HomeCare?

Every reaction you have to this uninvited event is normal. And we at SYNERGY HomeCare want to lessen your burden. We can be the ears that listen when you can’t or don’t want to burden family and friends with your thoughts. Getting it off your chest is important to your mental health through all of this. We can make the meals so that your only task is to eat it (which can be task enough sometimes!). With guidance from your nutritionist and/or your oncologist, we can create a meal plan that may help maintain the healthy weight you need to stay on treatment. We can keep you moving. Our caregivers can take daily or twice daily walks with you. They can help you adhere to a physical therapy plan for a lasting recovery. Or when rest is key, let our caregivers run an errand so you can conserve some energy.

Caregivers for Cancer Recovery and Assistance

Let us Help

There are many ways to help ease the added burdens that cancer brings into one’s life. Our goal is to help you experience the least stressful and most comfortable recovery process.

    • Bedside companions to calm anxiety and stress during hospitalizations or outpatient treatments
    • Scheduling, transportation, and companionship for treatments and doctor’s appointments
    • Watchful care during recovery from routine treatments
    • Prescription drug pickups
    • Assistance with daily activities after surgery and during treatment
    • Relief for family caregivers
    • Housekeeping, meal preparation, and nutritional support
    • Help with bathing, dressing and personal care
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