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Caring for Chronic Illness

Caring for Chronic Illness.

Chronic illness and recurring diseases and medical conditions are among the most common and debilitating of all health problems. The National Council on Aging states that 77% of older adults have at least two chronic illnesses that they are managing at the same time.

Good health is one of the truest blessings of life. Maintaining it while managing a number of medical conditions is not easy. There may be so much to keep track of: the timing of medications (what can be taken with food or should be taken on an empty stomach), the proper diet (how much salt or carbohydrates), the proper hydration (when to help keep hydrated and when it is too much for the heart and kidneys), and the right amount of physical activity. These are all instructions from medical professionals, but following those instructions is a full-time job of its own! Never mind all those appointments! This is exactly where SYNERGY HomeCare can help. Let us help you keep track of all of this.

Caring for Chronic Illness and Chronic Diseases

Why SYNERGY HomeCare?

SYNERGY HomeCare can help you maintain your health, maybe even regain it. Our caregivers can remind you about when to take medications, reinforce why they are being prescribed (as listed in a medication log you, your family or physician completes) in cases of memory troubles or for greater encouragement, and can help you open difficult bottle caps or medication pill-boxes. Our caregivers can communicate concerns that you have about how you are feeling too out of state family members or members of your medical care team.

Medications alone cannot maintain good health. We are all affected by what we eat. Our caregivers can help make home-cooked meals that are right for your budget and your health. By having healthful meals prepared in your home, you can take control of your health with every bite.

In cases of heart, lung, or kidney troubles, our caregivers can work with you to prevent complications or flare-ups that can send you to the hospital. Sometimes eating too much salt and drinking too many fluids can stress your body. We can even document your weight giving your doctor valuable information about how you are managing at home, so that treatments can be adjusted and you can continue to do well at home, without a visit (or a repeat visit) to the hospital.

At SYNERGY HomeCare, we know that chronic medical problems are complicated. But we can help you manage them. Because doing it right means living well today and for the many tomorrows ahead.

Our care team members can assist with:

    • Adapting the home environment to enhance safety and independence
    • Provide transportation for medical, community and social appointments
    • Reminders for medication regime
    • Provide enhanced social activities appropriate to the needs of the client
    • Offer meal planning and preparation to ensure good nutritional supports
    • Personal care: grooming, personal hygiene, and dressing
    • Light household tasks
    • Communicating daily routines to your family and medical team
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